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May 2018

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Think Tank

Federal India: A Competitive Assessment of India’s States - (December 2017)

Cover Story

India?s labour market: Gearing up for the Future - While the process to tackle the evolving challenges in the labour market has begun, it is too early to expect more than just incremental changes, says Chandrachur Ghose (March 2011)

Diversity for the Right Reasons - Indian industry should embrace diversity voluntarily in its own self-interest and to avoid the prospect of being forced by legislation to adopt affirmative action, says Chandrachur Ghose (July 2010)

Time is running out Climate Change - That climate change is not a phantom conjured by doomsayers is now beyond a shadow of doubt. Each day brings fresh evidence of its reality and the irrevocable damage it is doing to earth?s ecosystem. Businesses are increasingly coming around to the view that they will not remain unscathed and hence, they need to respond to this challenge. (April 2008)

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