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Believe in Yourself

CM Gaonkar, CFO of D-Link India, talks about his journey (so far)
‘Dedicated’, ‘Dreamer’, ‘Determined’, and ‘Dependable’ are some of the many qualities that characterise CM Gaonkar, Chief Financial Officer of D-Link India. Mr Gaonkar believes that to be a successful leader...

Think Tank

FX and Currency Markets

In conversation with Sridhar Narayan, Managing Director and Head of Global Markets, HSBC India
According to economic theory, a freely-traded currency will move in line with inflation-adjusted growth differentials, or more simply, interest-rate differentials. This has indeed been the case for India....

Risk Management: Imperatives and Best Practices

In conversation with Sanjay Mehta, Senior Advisor, KPMG
As a concept, Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) has been around in some form just as long as business itself has existed. After all, managing risk is fundamental to any firm’s survival...

CFOs and CHROs: Mutual Expectations and Accountability

In conversation with Hariharan Madhavan, Group CFO, CK Birla Group, and Sameer Zutshi, CFO Hewlett Packard India
Traditionally, HR has been concerned with people management while Finance delves into numbers and spreadsheets. Over the years, both have come to recognise and appreciate each other’s imperatives and constraints...

NBFC 2.0: The Evolving Landscape and Key Imperatives

In conversation with Ramesh Venkat, Founder and Managing Partner, Fairwinds Asset Managers
The present state of Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) in India has been shaped by asset-liability mismatches, deteriorating asset quality and a system-wide liquidity squeeze...

Digital Transformation: The Pillars, Strategies and Tactics

In conversation with Anish Shah - Group President (Strategy) – Mahindra Group
The digital age is overwhelming in the scope of change it is engendering. That change is silent, and it is fast. It has overtaken how we live and is transforming how we work. The hype around disruption is often focused on a few...