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Global Outlook, Regional Outlook and India Outlook


Manufactured Exports:

A Small but Powerful Tailwind

Manufactured exports are one of India’s growth tailwinds till India’s services sector re-orients itself to transforming global markets and brings forth its inherent buoyancy

India’s Tariff Hikes:

Weighing Costs Against Benefits

In an era of rising global trade barriers, India’s decision to hike tariffs on a wide range of imports will generate some pay-offs to industry, but will also exert large costs

EBITDA Versus Free Cash Flow

Rajeev Akkineni picRajeev Akkineni explains how an excessive focus on EBITDA can mislead investors and lenders. A better approach is to read EBITDA in conjunction with free cash flow

Mutual Funds:

Balancing Risk and Opportunity

Rising MF investments are a vital part of India’s growing ‘financialisation’, but there are risks involved in the way the sector is shaping up